• Eiffel Square Office Building

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  • Eiffel Square Office Building

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  • Eiffel Square Office Building

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Christmas presents for a family provided by Eiffel Square Office building

The Christmas season is a time of trial and tribulation for those families who are struggling day by day to make their living. For most of these families, not only the Christmas presents are just a dream, but also their Christmas meals. They need help and support through the whole year, but especially in these days, when a small donation means enormous pleasure for them! For this good purpose, Europa Fund II, the owner of Eiffel Square Office Building, decided to spend the amount of this years’ Christmas gifts on supporting an indigent family. In the frame of the ‘Cheer Up!’ program of the ‘Foundation for Children’s Feeding’ the family was selected, who will be supported month by month, for over a year as a result of this decision. We are delighted that we could bring joy to the Christmas season and to the everyday lives of these families!