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  • Eiffel Square Office Building

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A Balaton Atmosphere in the City Centre: Zsiráf Terrace reopens at Eiffel Square

The Zsiráf (Girraffe) Terrace is open again, at the bottom of the Eiffel Square Office Building, in the middle of a green park, near a pond with waterfalls. Here, in one of Budapest’s most popular beer gardens, the programme calendar is filled with regular exhibitions, fine arts fairs, Sunday markets, acoustic concerts and DJ performances.


The Zsiráf Terrace connects the Eiffel Square Office Building into the city’s bloodstream in a unique way. In the afternoon it is a pleasant place for cup of a coffee or a chat for people working in the house or nearby, whereas from the evening until dawn, it is transformed into a buzzing open-air entertainment space. “This is a perfect example of how the facilities and services of an office building can meet the needs of a whole neighborhood or district, in addition to fulfilling the needs of its tenants” says Csaba Zeley, Managing Director of ConvergenCE, the company operating Eiffel Square Offices.


Following its opening, in 2016, the Zsiráf Terrace received the “Terrace Budapest” prize from the Municipality of Budapest. Amongst its guests, there are students, tourists, families with small children, as well as staff working in the office building who regularly call in during or after office hours. “We are open to everyone here at Eiffel Square, with an atmosphere as well as a menu and drinks inspired by Lake Balaton, all this at affordable prices, complemented by high quality entertainment and cultural programmes,” says Mátyás Szaplonczai, Manager of the Giraffe Terrace.


Located at the 4,800m² park of Eiffel Square Offices, one of the most sought-after office buildings of Budapest, the Zsiráf Terrace has a 300 person capacity, functioning as a real downtown oasis for outdoor enthusiasts from spring to autumn every day of the week.